Lady who walks in night

Thinking of writing this real life experience since a long time, finally made my mind to share it. Back in 2012, after I lost my elder sister I visited my home town. Its been almost 2years since I visited Lucknow. So much has changed in a little span of time, some new additions in neighboring families and some sad demises. After we completed all the rituals I stayed back for a while with my daughter to spend some time with my parents. I use to sleep with my dad and mom in the same room along with my 3 year old daughter, just the four of us in a big house. My dad use to tell us the inspirational stories of Buddha daily at night before we go to sleep. One night as usual he narrated a story about Buddha and his brother Anand. As his story finished we all dozed off , but in the middle of night I woke up and was sleep paralyzed. I saw that dad went to washroom and came back, I can see the night bulb illuminating and my mom and my daughter sleeping beside me, nothing has changed in the background since I slept. I tried to speak to dad but my voice was stuck somewhere in my throat, I tried to move my hands and feet but they are as numb and lifeless like a dead goat. I felt that something is about to come, all was quite like the quietness before a storm. Suddenly as I was looking around in the room I felt two hands on my head, a chilling sensation went down my spine. A voice came behind me someone is standing there, “zara idher nazar to daliye” ( look at this side). I tried to look over my head but that thing pressed my head down so that I cannot see “her”, yes she was an old lady dressed in green saree. I don’t know how I saw her as my head was pressed down but I got a glimpse in my unconscious mind, quick image went through my head of her. She was in her late 70’s,short heighted, very skinny and dark. Her face and hands were full of wrinkles. I tried more and more to raise my head and look at this thing but she is now pushing my head down even more harder. At one moment I realized that she may hurt my daughter. God knows from where I got this power, suddenly woke up from my sleep paralysis. I put my hands over hers on my head, I felt her wrinkled skin and bonny fingers under my hands. Still I have that sensation whenever I recall that moment. I started chanting Gayatri mantra and started pressing her hands against my head even harder than her so that she cannot free herself from my hands grip. This went for a minute or two at the end she was able to freed herself from my grip. She screamed and suddenly she disappeared. Puff she was gone and everything was quite again. Next morning I told this to my mom she asked me several questions like how old was she , what was her height, how she looked. As I started giving answers my mom went numb, her expressions were like that she wants to believe me but her logical mind is holding her back. The details which I gave her about that old lady matches with an old lady who lived in our neighborhood and who died two weeks ago. From that day I still remember the words of my mom “she was cremated in green saree”.

Tragedies of living and dead

It was a lazy afternoon at my office. Four of the professors including me had the duty in admission cell. As it was lunch time, very few were turning up for admission queries.
As we were a little bored, started telling ghosts story to each other. One of my colleagues shared his real story which I am going to share today. His story still gives me goosebumps.
The story is from a small village near Kolkata. It was My colleague’s maternal grandparents home. A joint family with many family members. Two of them a mother (aunt of my colleague) and a daughter (cousin of my colleague) were very close. They sleep together, they eat together, as the daughter did not get married at the right age her mother use to take care of her. The girl was getting frustrated more and more as the days were passing. As we all know that India is a country where marriage is very important and that too at the right age. She went into depression and started having panic attacks. She suffered so much mentally that she one night hung herself and died. Although her mother never left her side, all her efforts went into a vein. After one month the mother started having troubled sleep she started hearing sounds that someone was calling her exactly at 2:30 am in the night. The exact time at which her daughter hanged herself. One night the voice got so aggressive and powerful that it started shaking her bed. Voice or someone shaking her bed, she was unable to see. She ran downstairs and told everyone about her sleepless nights and horrifying voices. Everybody was shocked because she was an elderly woman and would not tell lie or pretend. She told the family that her daughter was asking to accompany her to the next world. The next morning the grandmother of my colleague called a tantrik . He arrived and took the round of the house. He then told everyone that spirit of a dead girl was not at peace and was still tied to worldly things(moh maya). The family members then told him about the recent suicide of a woman in their house. And then asked him about the remedy to get rid of the ghost spirit and send her to peace. The tantrik baba told them to arrange for a puja. He asked the family to clean a big room in which every member of the family can accommodate for one whole night, each one has to remain awake. One thing which they have to be cautious about was that to get rid of the belongings of that dead girl and not a single thing should be left behind in that room which in any way belongs to the ghost spirit. So the preparations for the puja started with fear and doubts. The night came and exact at 12 am the puja started. There were 3 doors in that room(it was a kind of hall) 2 in front to each other and 1 door at the back. My colleague was sitting near the back door. Around 2 am at the midst of the puja suddenly the wind outside grew wild and all the 3 doors started shaking. Then all of a sudden everyone heard that someone was shouting and stomping in anger outside. My colleague saw some shadow beneath the door’s opening which is moving vigorously here and there just outside the door. Everyone was so scared that they froze in their place. The tantrik baba sensed the horrifying situation and asked everybody to search the whole room for any belonging of that ghost spirit left behind unnoticed. The aunt of my colleague found a photograph of the girl who killed herself and for whom the puja was being organized.
Tantrik baba asked the person sitting just near the third door to push the photograph outside through space under the door. As soon as the photograph was slipped outside all of a sudden the wind stopped and people inside heard a loud scream and then everything went silent. The puja resumed and was finished the following morning. Everyone took a breath of relief. But later that week my colleague’s aunt (mother of the dead girl) was found dead in her bed with marks on her neck. Was she strangled by the ghost spirit, is this possible, I don’t know the answer but for one thing, I am very much sure is that ” death is the hardest and the biggest reality of all and there is existence beyond death”

Haunting at Kausani

This tale is my personal experience which took place in the hills of the Kausani.Kausani is a hill station in Bageshwar district in the state of Uttarakhand, India.It is famous for its scenic beauty specially sun rise from behind the Himalaya range and sun set in those 300 km wide mountains.Mahatama Gandhi called Kausani as Switzerland of India because of it’s panoramic view of Himalaya and spectacular landscapes.

I was 11 years old and went to Kausani with my parents and two elder sisters. We started our journey from Almorah in the afternoon. As we were about to reach Kausani in the evening our driver started telling a story of appearance of a woman in white saree on the road just before the entrance of the village Kausani which caused many accidents. My dad never believed in ghosts but driver tried convincing him by narrating an ordeal of one of my father’s acquaintance who met with an accident just a month before at the same place where local people says that lady appears. As we were approaching the village there came a turn and we saw a small temple just at the corner of the hill. The driver stopped the car there and told us to visit the temple so that we can continue our journey without any harm. When we entered the temple I saw a white beard man and his face was all light up.Peace all over his face so mystical and enchanting.He was a sadhu who built that temple which is dedicated to goddess Gayatri after doing havan for 40days continuously to ward of the evil spirit who took many life. It is being said there, that after building that temple the woman in white saree never appeared again.The driver showed us an orphanage which is on the top of the hill just infront of us. That orphanage have more than 30 kids. The orphanage is run and built by the same sadhu whom we met. So as the sun is about to set and it is getting dark we hurried towards the highest point of Kausani to look at the heavenly view of sunset behind the Himalaya range.Next early morning we started getting ready to see the sun rise which was scheduled to take place at around 5am.One of my elder sister loves to walk around alone in the woods, stroll all alone in the forests.She was about to leave without my parents and the other sister , I convinced her to take me along with her. We both came out of the hotel as my parents and the other sister still getting ready. We don’t want to miss the single view of sunrise,so we both started climbing the mountain via road.The hills were shinning blue as the morning approaching and blue sunlight was falling on them from the sky.Fir and pine trees were standing tall with their dark shadows falling on the road.Pin drop silent, not a single leaf was moving only one can hear birds singing and distant chirping of crickets.

As we came just above the turn which was almost over the temple below, the bushes and trees on that spot only, started moving vigorously. Not a single touch of wind.A chilling sensation went through our spine and we both started feeling very cold.My sister sensed something wrong and asked me to run back with her without leaving her hand.We both turn towards the direction from where we came and started running.We heard someone is came running just behind us.That was a scary sound of running footsteps.The wind grew more wild and unfolding it’s wings more widely.Dogs started barking loudly.We heard flapping of wings of birds as if they were trying to sing and tell us that someone is coming behind us.They too were in hurry to flew away. We were so frightened that we forgot about sun rise,himalaya,scenic view everything.

As we were running,fortunately, we bumped into our parents and the other sister who were coming to see the sun rise. Then everything stood still, not a single leaf moving or any sign of wind.Dogs stopped barking and all the birds flew away. Suddenly the footsteps stopped.At that point we realised that sun has almost came above the horizon and there is morning sunlight all over the place.Later that day we visited the ashram of sadhu ji and asked him the explanation of the incident which I and my sister encountered.To which he replied”the world is the home of living and dead both”.